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How to Make Garage Workbench

Awesome Garage Workbench

Awesome Garage Workbench

Garage workbench is the cornerstone of any cabinetmaker shop.  Workbench styles and plans vary. Look around at several different plans before selecting a building. Remember that most plans can be customized to fit the height and width that is most convenient for you. Using the circular saw, cutting the 2 by 4 timber frame workbench. Cut four legs 32 inches long; four shelf and the top front and rear parts at 48 inches long and four top shelves and terminating at 21 inches long each. Cut two 24-inches by 48 parts of ¾-inch plywood and a top shelf. Use a square to mark a 5-inch line 3 inches in from the corners of each long side. Select a 3-inch line 5 inches in from each corner of each short end face mark from the long end, forms the rectangle. With a jigsaw, cut along the lines to remove the rectangle from each corner.

Build two rectangles of 48 inch and 21 inch 2 by 4s. Standing 48-inch two-by-four on the edge. By means of two 3-inch by screws or joints, attach a 21-inch piece at each end, flush with the ends of the 48-inch two by 4. Attaching a second 48-inch 2 by 4s to the opposite side of the two 21 inch 2-by-4s. Repeat the process to build a second rectangle. Plywood with cut corners to the top of a frame. Use a 5/8 inch screws every 6 to 8 inches through the plywood into the edges of the two by 4s. This is your shelf. Attaching the remaining piece of plywood to the other two by 4 frames. This is your stop. Set the garage workbench, plywood down, on a stable, flat work surface. Stand of the 32 inch leg in each corner of the upper.

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Setting the garage workbench legs with the 32-inch length extended vertically and the broad surface of each two-by-4 against the short side of the bench top. Squeeze the legs in place with C-clamps. Secure with three 3-inch drywall screws. Drive two screws in the broad surface of each leg and a narrow face. Measure from the bottom of the edge of the bench top and mark each leg at 18 inches. Setting the bench shelf, with plywood down, the legs with each leg by one of the corner notches. Press the bench until the plywood reaches markings. Squeeze the bench in place and fix each shelf with three 3-inch drywall screws. Set the bench on his feet.

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