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How to Clean Acrylic End Table

Acrylic End Table Decor

Acrylic End Table Decor

Acrylic end table – Cleaning acrylic can have its difficulties. When scratchy sponges or even some soap are used, the material can be damaged, leaving sponge marks that give the acrylic an opaque appearance and make it no longer translucent, as it was in the beginning. Once we have cleaned the acrylic incorrectly and it has been marked, it is not possible to return it to its original state. But with these tips to clean acrylic end table, you can avoid spoiling it by a wrong cleaning. Tips for cleaning acrylic end table, the first step to clean the acrylic will be to determine how powerful the cleaner is that we should use, considering how dirty the element to be cleaned is. Observe the object you want to clean and based on the amount of dirt it presents, consider whether or not to use a cleaner.

When we face superficial dirt, then water will suffice to clean. However, in case the item you want to clean presents a larger amount of dirt, then try a mixture of glass cleaner, non-abrasive detergent and water. Take a bucket and mix all the ingredients there. In the event that the dirt is superficial, moisten a cloth with water and remove the dirt. You should pay attention not to move the cloth in circles, as this would cause the dirt to generate scratches on the acrylic end table, pass the soft cloth and change it from side to end, so that the dirt that gathers on the cloth does not touch the acrylic.

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When dealing with a more significant amount of dirt, use a wet cloth and gently wipe the surface to clean the acrylic end table. Allows water to lift dirt to make it easier to clean. You can also leave it under the tap for a while (in case the element you want to clean allows it) so the task will be even easier. Once you have cleaned with the water, use a different rag to pass the solution of glass cleaner, detergent (non-abrasive) and water to finish removing the dirt from the acrylic. In this step you should not move the cloth in circles either. It is important that you use this formula to clean and not the products separately, since the glass cleaner and the detergent separately and without water, can produce drying in the acrylic, causing it to break.

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