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September 27, 2017 Table Ideas

Build Your Refectory Table

Antique Refectory Table

Antique Refectory Table

Refectory table can become one of the biggest single costs when furnishing your home. It does not have to be that. You can have a wonderful table on a budget. You can do one with cheap material. There is some home improvement or design stores selling table kits. You can use these to build your refectory tables. You can also build refectory tables from scratch with materials that are easily available from timber yards and home improvement centers.

First step to build a refectory table you need to go to your home improvement or timber shop. Buy a piece of plywood that is 3/4 inches thick. It should also be 8 meters long and 48 inches wide. You can also use MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) or a hollow unfinished door that is approximately 8 meters high. Cut off 6 inches from the length of the plywood using a table saw. Create curved corners using the router. Sand with medium sandpaper. Build table legs. Buy a couple of pieces of wood. Cut four pieces of size. Each part should be approximately 27 1/2 inches (70 cm.) In height. You can also buy ready-made table legs that you can buy from a design store or online. See the links in our resources for more information.

Place plywood on a flat surface or on the floor with the underside upwards. Screw on each leg. Connect four legs using a drill and screwdriver. Attach the legs using a pair of 2-inch screws on each. Be sure to leave at least 5 to 6 inches perpendicular to each corner. Turn over the table. Make sure it’s flat. Make adjustments if it is whirling at all. Sand top and sides of the desk until everything is smooth and brand-free. Wipe off with a cloth to remove dust. Paint or bet the finished table. Allow it to dry before using. You can put a tablecloth to hide flaws. Tips and warnings when build a refectory table. Use an old door instead of plywood. You can buy one for salvage farm. It can give a new purpose to an old door.

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